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Standard Issue Case in Woodland Green

Standard Issue Case in Woodland Green



I've always been drawn to using vibrant, bold, and/or harmonious colors in my art. When I used to paint graffiti, I'd think to myself "What colors can I pick to make my piece stand out more than all these other people?"

I've taken that same approach to putting together colors for one of my favorite patterns: camouflage! I love vibrant camo because it creates a paradox: Does it make you blend in or stand out?

Now you can do both with my new Standard Issue Camo iPhone Case Collection. The cases are made from extremely strong Lexan material and feature a flexible rubber liner for impact and shock absorbing abilities. 🌴

  • Super slim, barely noticeable
  • Impact resistant and durable
  • Lay-flat bezel to protect the screen
  • Pattern looks dope AF